• Allergology
      • Allergen-specific IgE testing

        The allergen-specific IgE antibody test is a blood test. Several allergens can be tested from blood sample. This test is recommended to be performed besides the traditional clinical skin test as well. After anamnesis, food panels (inhalation panels) are chosen, available at Aranyklinika. In the case of diagnosed allergy, there is a possibility to test for cross-allergy, what can lead to improved quality of life.

      • Cross-reactivity examination

        Cross-reactivity is a biochemical phenomenon which occurs when certain substances, which are similar in structure to allergens, trigger allergic reactions or intensify symptoms. For instance, if somebody is allergic to mugwort, they should avoid celery and lovage, because as they are closely related to each other, they trigger the same allergic reaction as mugwort.

      • Epicutan test

        In case of allergic skin reaction, it is important to learn the cause of the complaints. The aim of the test is to identify substances that reach the skin and trigger allergic reaction.

      • Food intolerance test

        Do you experience stomach pain, digestive problems and meteorism on a regular basis? Do you often suffer from headaches, rashes, itchy eczemas or fatigue? You cannot find the causes. Chances are high that a particular food may be to blame.

      • Skin Prick Testing

        Different inhalative and nutritive allergens are placed on the inner forearm, and after some time the results can be obtained. It gives a relatively safe result. The examination cannot be performed if the patient is taking anti-histamines. At Aranyklinika 50 types of allergens may be determined in such a way.


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